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I Conventional Septic Systems

All conventional type systems have both a septic tank and Effluent Disposal Area (EDA) or Leachfield. The septic tank is a settling and decomposition chamber it allows the sewage solids to separate from the liquid, undergo partial decomposition, and be stored as sludge at the bottom of the tank. The effluent or liquid from the septic tank then flows by gravity or pumping into the EDA where it infiltrates into the soil.

The Leachfield or Drainage Field can be made up of several different type of material.

Stone & Pipe Systems: : This system is constructed of Septic Stone and PVC Piping. This system cannot be driven on and is one of the largest systems that have NHDES Subsurface Bureau Approval.

Drywell: This a Pre-Cast Concrete Chamber that is inexpensive, but requires well drained soils.

Chambered Systems: These systems can be built with Concrete Chambers or Plastic chambers. These system can be designed to be driven on, if necessary. The advantage the chambered system has over the Stone & Pipe is that you can reduce the size by 40% for Residential Use.

I Manufactures For The
Concrete Chambers Are

The most common manufacturers for the concrete chambers are concrete supply companies.

I Manufactures For The Plastic Chambers Are

Infiltator’s recycled plastic septic chambers are engineered for strength and performance, easy to install and have a greater design flexabety (including a smaller footprint)as compared with stone and pipe.  The advantages of Infilator chambers add-up to cost savings on labor, material and saving time on the job.

I Fabric Based Septic System

Fabric Based Systems work the same way a conventional type systems, except the Effluent Disposal Area (EDA) or Leachfield or drainage field is constructed with a Fabric based pipe or Units.

The Advantage of the Fabric Based System over the Stone and Pipe System is that the size is approximately 1/3 the size. Some of these have been approved to be 24 inches above the estimated high water Table, which will reduce the height of the mound above the existing ground.

I Manufacturers For The Fabric Based System Are

Infiltrator Water Technologies Enviro-Piping

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