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I Deborah Parker is a Certified New Hampshire Wetland Scientist #184

A wetlands scientist, is employed by developers, homeowners governments, environmental organizations, and construction firms to research wetlands.

As a wetlands scientist, use special knowledge of hydric soils, hydrophytes vegetation, and wetland hydrology to delineate wetland boundaries and prepare wetland maps, classify wetlands, prepare wetland function value assessments, design and implement wetland mitigation, monitor wetlands functions and values, and prepare associated reports.



I Wetland Permit

What is a wetland?

By definition, an area that is inundated or saturated by surface water or ground water at a frequency and duration sufficient to support, and that under normal conditions does support, a prevalence of vegetation typically adapted for life in saturated soil conditions.” Wetlands include swamps, marshes, bogs and similar areas.

Why do I need a wetland permit?

A permit is required for any disturbance to any wetland, water body and/or its bank. ie, culvert Installion, Shoreline restoration, etc. Any developments that encounter wetlands would need those areas delineated by a Certified Wetlands Scientist or Soils Scientist.

I Wetland Permitting Project Examples

I What Are Some Of The Projects Requiring A Wetland Permit?

Wetland Permit


  • Dock Permit – New or replacement
  • Repair of existing boathouses and Decks
  • Shoreline Stabilization & Repair
  • Beach Sand Replacement

  • Perch Beach
  • Fire & Farm Ponds
  • Wetland Crossings
  • Installation of Seasonal Boat Lift

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